Set Home page in Chrome

Set Homepage in Chrome

You can set up a Homepage in Google Chrome by accessing your Chrome settings. In addition to enabling and setting a homepage, you can also change your startup page options, when you start a new browsing session, set Chrome to open a certain page or set of pages. Setting up your home page will only take a few clicks. You can not change the home page on the mobile versions of Chrome.

  •  Click on the Chrome Menu button and choose “Settings”. A new tab will open with this settings Menu
  • Attention: You can’t set Homepage in mobile versions of Chrome.
  • Check “Show Home button” in the “Appearance” section. This will enable the Home page button.
  • Go to the “Change” link to set Comcast as a homepage. After that, a new small Window will open with this current homepage by default.
  •  Enter the address who you want to set. Choose “Open this page” and then type the address of your Homepage.
  •  You can also select to open the New Tab page, which contains links to your favorite sites for the Google Search Bar and AOL Homepage Security.
  •  Save your changes and save it to save your changes, click "OK" and then click the Home button to enter the page who you Enter.

Run a Malware Scan Every time when you start the Chrome, your homepage gets reset for something else, then malware can be infected on your computer. These malicious programs can help you change your homepage or other browser settings. You can scan and remove malware using free tools like AOL homepage security and malware bytes anti-malware. How to Remove Malware for More Detailed Instructions.

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